TIFF Taika Waititi in 3 chapters
Category Description

Explanatory or educational video for a cause, social initiative, public awareness effort or non-profit organization

Project Description

A series of short typographic and illustrative animations for Toronto International Film Festival. The animations tell different stories and anecdotes about growing up from director Taika Waititi. We loved the anecdotes that Taika Waititi shared about growing up, during a talk at TIFF, and using typography and motion to bring impact to his words, we crafted a set of animated chapters. The goal was to help these stories live and be heard beyond the talk, and to show a wider audience the little moments that can be found when attending TIFF Q&A


Client: Toronto International Film Festival
Production Studio: Polyester Studio
Creative Director: Jeremy Dimmock
Designed/Directed by: SJ Lee, Pablo Lozano, Oliver Dead, Jasper Hilgers
Animation by: SJ Lee, Luis Campos, Oliver Dead, Jasper Hilgers, Una Di Gallo, Inés Fragueiro
Audio by: Jeff Moberg