The MINI Vision Urbanaut
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A series of related spots advertising a product, service or event.

Project Description

For the all-online release of the MINI Vision Urbanaut concept car we were tasked with creating the visual package for the campaign. Three animations reflecting the three MINI Moments using a mixed media approach (full cg plus illustrations plus live action), a variety of huge-rez print renderings, a realtime scene for quick generation of highlight snipets and an Instagram AR filter were part of the gig. All of that needed to be put in a graphical world that was very versatile to cater for the different formats yet consistent throughout the whole campaign. Add a bit of freshness, streetart and accessibility for Millenials and we’re wrapping up the MINI Vision Urbanaut online release campaign.


Client: BMW Group, Munich, Germany

Head of Mini Design: Oliver Heilmer
Creative Direction: Uta Bodenstein, Julia Obermeier, Till Jenninger
Project Team: Hannes Ziesler, Nicole Prinz, Raphael Jasinski
Head of Design Identity: Fabio Olivotti

Design & Production Studio: Aixsponza, Munich, Germany

ProjectTeam for “Eye Candies”:

Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer
Art Director: Dominik Högn, Christian Scheck, Dennis Tiege, Stefan Voigt
3D Artists: Paul Gröger, Yannik Wenk, Matthias Zabiegly
Illustrations: Paul Grabowski, Laila Petersen
Music / SFX: Michael Fakesch, designingsounds

DOP: Bartek Latosinski
Styling: Clara Reuter, Charlotte Roser
Hair & MakeUp: Arno Humer, Anja Wenger El Sawaf
Set Design & SFX: Andreas Walther
VFX Set-Supervision: Matthias Zabiegly

Skater Girl: Nicole Adamczyk
Oliver Heilmer: himself

ProjectTeam “Inspiring Artworks”:

Creative Director: Sebastian Onufszak
3D Artists: Holger Aumüller, Dobromir Dyankov, Matthias Zabiegly
Illustrations: Paul Grabowski

ProjectTeam “Instagram Filter”:

Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Spark AR Art Director: Felix Preis

ProjectTeam “Design Snippets”:

CG Director: Achim August Tietz
Animation Studio: AlphaFlare