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Project Description

“The Eventful Life of Rosemarie” is a touching 3D-animated short about a WWII survivor. The film was conceived by Swiss agency CRK as part of a campaign to strengthen careers in long-term care and recruit more young health professionals. In hearing the stories of Rosemarie’s painful childhood experiences of being separated from loved ones during the war, to the joy of reuniting with them, her life story becomes a source of inspiration for her caretaker Livio, serving as a reminder that a career in long-term health care is an opportunity to help others and become part of their story.


Production Company: ROOF Studio
Creative Directors: Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Lucas Camargo
Director: Guto Terni
Art Director: Vinicius Costa
Character Lead / Design: Lucas Camargo
Executive Producer: Marcus Lansdell
Head Of Production: Vanderlei Santana
3D Lead: Lucas Ribeiro, Heber Conde
Character Explorations: Lucas Camargo, Audrey Benjaminsen, Felicie Haymoz, Bruno Jacob
Storyboard: Estevao Chromiec
3D Layout: Lucas Ribeiro, Heber Conde
Modeling: Steferson Rocha, Mauricio Sampaio, Saulo Bonatto, André Sik, Maicow Silva, Tiago Oliveira, Vinicius Costa, Daniel Dalcomuni, Rafael Figueiredo
Rigging: Danilo Pinheiro, Alanne Andrade, Glauber Belo, Caio Hidaka, Murilo Barbelli, Saul Almeida
Animation Lead: Bruno Celegão
Animation: Mariane Tostes, Gabriel Carmo, Jonathan Edward, Marcio Kakuno, Matheus Caetano, Karina Chung, Bruna Berford, Emerson Manfrin, Rodrigo Dutra, Francisco Catão, Leonardo Felix, Daniel Esteves Oliveira, Anne Pagno, Marcio Nicolosi, Christian Weckl, Diego de Paula
Lookdev Lead: Mateus Kurzhals
Lookdev: Marcelo Vaz, Josemar Queiroz, Gustavo Rangel, Lucas Camargo, Vinicius Paciello
Lightning/Render: Guto terni, Mateus Kurzhals, Marcelo Vaz, Josemar Queiroz, Gustavo Rangel, Lucas Camargo, Vinicius Paciello
Pipeline TD: Rosenio Pinto, Heber Conde
Cloth Simulation: Heber Conde
Compositing: Nash FX, Roof Studio
Audio: Combustion Studio

Executive Director: Stefan Batzli
Account director: Caroline Hulliger
Assistant Account Director: Farah Choudry
Art Direction: Christian Bircher, Filip Wolfensberger
Creative Director: Christian Bircher

Marketing Manager: Theres Gotsch-Hinden