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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to present information within a sports program for television or streaming

Project Description

Ramon + Pedro’s opening sequence is a mesmerizing journey through Roland Garros’ core values—excellence in sports, amazing legacy, French elegance, and a unique passion for tennis. The art direction is inspired by graphical posters from the 60’s with minimalist design, strong perspectives and a reduced color palette borrowed from the Roland Garros branding. An updated musical theme marries and enhances the visual with a powerful mix of cords and horns while an accordion punctuates the piece with a French touch.
The ON AIR design relies heavily on the main colors of the brand’s palette which are omnipresent on the panels around the courts during live coverage. At the heart of the design is the logo and all the animations emanate from it.
A slight gradient elegantly distinguishes the different rows on the scorecard.


Concept / Design: Ramon + Pedro
Creative Directors: Antoine Tinguely / Laurent Fauchère
Executive producer: Fanny Vuattoux

Shoot: Ramon + Pedro
Directors : Antoine Tinguley / Valentin Graff
Executive producer: Fanny Vuattoux
Assistant producer: Marine Brot / Lea Ducret
DoP: Claudio Artieda
Drone: Jérémie Carron
DoP Assistants : Romain Chautems / Samy Guisolan / Louis Tacheron
Actors Players : André Gruhl / Jessy Kalambay / Yasmine Mansouri
Actors Spectators: Martine Allegro / Aimé Diouf/ Carolina Frias / Thomas Serve / Zoé Tinguely

Post Production
2D: Ramon + Pedro
Lead animator/compositing: Felix Helfer
Design/animation On Air : Alan Madiata
Animator 3D: François Jaquier
Storyboard : Nayon Kim

3D: Digital Asset Tailors
Creative Director: Doca Mladenovic
Executive Producer: Ivan Vasiljevic
Production Coordinator: Sara Brkic
Modeling Lead Artist: Aleksandar Misic
Modeling Artist: Uros Filimonovic
Compositing Artist: Slobodan Jankovic
Matchmove artist : Milos Jovanovic

-Music adaptation: Shiverland Production
Composer: Brian Bendahan

Client: Fédération Française de Tennis – Direction Média Production // French Tennis Federation – Media & Production Department