Rama Works - Kara - Todd Hersey
Category Description

A single spot advertising a product or service

Project Description

KARA is the newest addition to the RAMA WORKS® mechanical keyboard line-up. It has been engineered with considered attention to detail, improving on design and standing as the most significant release to date. Featuring the distinctive RAMA WORKS® form factor, every component has been created from scratch and refined through iteration to create a completely unique product.

This spot was made following the announcement of KARA’s manufacturing process, using injection moulding to create it’s signature case and housing. The introduction of this process meant faster and more efficient manufacturing, allowing keyboard enthusiasts to enjoy a RAMA WORKS® original without fear of low stock or missing out.

For this reason, our video focuses on giving a narrative point-of-view on the moulding process, as well as highlighting all features that KARA has to offer. Enjoy!


Direction: Todd Hersey
3D Animation: Todd Hersey, Tim Zarki, Eddy Nieto, Jesus Suarez
2D Animation: Eddy Nieto
Composer: Joe Philips
Sound Design: Joe Philips, Jeremy Schemm
Mixing Engineer: Jeremy Schemm