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One More Time
Category Description

Any short form self contained piece with a narrative emphasis

Project Description

A film made during Covid-19 quarantine and in collaboration with special-needs enabling organisation and community, Superhero Me.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world with no end in sight. As Superhero Me’s mission of fostering a more inclusive Singapore is dependent on bringing together children with and without special needs, this pandemic – and its accompanying isolation – has brought significant struggle to its community and efforts. As Singapore celebrates its 55th National Day, this film aims to simply remind the children, caregivers, and facilitators of their newfound resilience and to look forward to the next time we can meet again, without fear.


Directors: Siewmay Khoo & Jay Septimo
Script Writer: Jean Qingwen Loo
Assistant Animator: Helgil Siega
Sound Design and Music Composing: Sono Sanctus
with Voices from Superhero Me: Javier Yeo, Rinn Chan, Sun Meilan, Koh Jia Jin and Joyce Teo