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Motion graphic title sequence

Project Description

“Information in formation.”
NODE Forum is a festival that celebrates culture, arts and technology. Inspired from the roots of the festival being in the creative coding community, the titles follow a Gestaltian journey of code from its unstructured roots to a place of structured familiarity.
Data as we know it today is powered by silicon based technologies. It is amazing how the ether of this data is based on something like sand – something that represents time and cannot be contained. It transforms into containers of information that aid our communication. This idea of extracting an element from chaos and encoding it to become something akin to a bridge is at the core of the sequence. The forms combine current day computational aesthetics with archaic data visualisation concepts to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity through its liminal yet limitless nature.


Design, Direction and Animation:
Akshay Tiwari

Music and Sound design:
Roopam Garg (DARK)

‘Title Sequence’ project was assigned by Prof. Duff Yong at SCAD