Finalist Judge

Gus Karam

Le Cube & Final Frontier

Gus Karam is an executive producer for design, film, animation, and mixed media with a decade of industry experience and expertise covering the production of CGI, 2D, 3D, live-action, photography, music, and SFX. Across his career, he has executed productions for countless agencies and clients across five continents, winning multiple times awards in festivals such as Motion Awards, Cannes Lion, D&AD, New York Festivals, CLIO, LIA, Ciclope, Promax to mention a few. Gus is a partner and co-founder of the renowned animation studio Le Cube, and most recently founder and partner of Final Frontier, the first world-class animation production company in China. Gus is an opinion leader in the industries of animation and advertising, having written columns and articles for many specialized media across the globe, and also giving talks and conferences in several of the most relevant festivals in the world, including D&AD, Offf Barcelona, Promax, Klikk Festival Amsterdam, CutOut Fest Mexico, CCG Shanghai among others.