John Lewis Good Trouble
Category Description

A title sequence within a documentary film.

Project Description

We created a title sequence for a CNN documentary film, “John Lewis: Good Trouble.” It was our second time collaborating with director Dawn Porter, after her Netflix documentary “Bobby Kennedy for President.” Dawn’s team had an audio narration laid out for us to tell the important historical events in John Lewis’ lifetime. The director told us that the documentary is not so much about his biography, but rather recent events, how he was still pushing and fighting for injustices around the world. We wanted to capture John’s energetic personality in our sequence. We designed the moments in illustrative 2d style and animate them in 3d space to achieve the parallax, adding more depth to the scene.


Client: CNN / Trilogy Films Productions
Design Studio: Elastic
Art Director: Jeff Han
Designers: Yelim Lee, Steve Biggert, Erika Bird
Animators: Steve Biggert, Gryun Kim, Evan Larimore, Jean Hwang, Peter Murphy, Brian Hayes
Producer: Jazeel Gayle
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall