ITV Drama Festival Reel 2020 » ZEALOT_UK

Category Description

Motion design for an installation, projection or location-based experience (not necessarily interactive)

Project Description

ITV approached us to create an original, immersive presentation to open their annual Drama Festival event, encompassing the audience full 360 degrees using 21 projectors and 21600 pixels across.

By intricately weaving together live action footage with motion graphics and sound design, this opening reel provided a glimpse of shows that would be presented throughout the event as well as tell a visual story on its own – a fully cohesive visual collage of sights and sounds.

Motion design within the reel was the cornerstone of setting the tone and theme of the piece and also the event itself. The ITV logo was seamlessly incorporated into shots to provide clever brand attribution, and motion graphics were used to take full advantage of the immersive 360 setup and create impactful, eye-catching moments, opening the event with a real bang.


Creative Director and Creative Editor – Benjamin Walker
Motion Designer and Art Director – Kristaps Kazaks
Producer – Lewis Fennell