Indeed - Smart _ Small series
Category Description

A series of related spots advertising a product, service or event.

Project Description

New Year’s resolutions and commitments abound at the start of the year. Including the improvements in the professional field.

Indeed, the most comprehensive job search engine, wanted to share some pointers on how to write a cover letter and which skills to include in your resume. Reminding that even the smallest change can have a big impact.

Denise, the main host of the videos, made certain you were well-informed about most of them.

We created the animated series “Smart & Small,” which takes place in a miniature world with puppet-like characters to mimic the look and feel of a stop-motion film. This way it is emphasized that even small changes can have a big impact.

Not to brag, but all four videos were produced in just 8 weeks.


Director: Roberts Kulenko
Senior Producer: Rita Steimane
Producer: Arturs Liberts
Creative Director: Tyler Pierce
Art Director: Gints Gutmanis, Oskars Pavlovskis
Script: Virtue by Vice
Storyboard: Liga Spunde, Arturs Bunts
Look Dev: Oskars Pavlovskis
Design & Illustration: Gints Gutmanis
Technical Direction: Karlis Stigis
3D Modelling: Sergejs Kolecenko, Gints Gutmanis, Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Dmitrijs Maslakovs, Nauris Asenkampfs, Janis Spelmanis, Konstantīns Višņevskis, Kaspars Šverns
2D Animation: Gints Gutmanis, Vadim Luks, Stas Tikhomirov, Ivan Popov, Artem Mikhailov
3D Animation: Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Nauris Asenkampfs
Shading & Lighting:
Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Dmitrijs Maslakovs, Konstantīns Višņevskis
Rigging: Konstantīns Višņevskis
Compositing & Color Correction:
Gints Gutmanis, Kristaps Steimanis
Editing: Roberts Kulenko
Sound Design: Virtue by Vice