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In The Year 2525
Category Description

Any short form self contained piece with a narrative emphasis

Project Description

FITC’s annual flagship conference in Toronto kicks off with the premiere of a stunning title sequence from a leading digital creator and we were given the honor of making it.

The retro-futuristic gem we created was a passion-project it took us a year to craft. Delighted with the result, it now lives on to be the official music video for the track!

Set to Zager and Evans prescient song, “In the Year 2525,” we created an extraordinary modern-day Metropolis, executed in a photo-real look that we stylized to the point of feeling illustrated.

Its theme is deeply relevant for our times: An exploration of the ways in which technology and innovation—if not used wisely, can manipulate and homogenize humanity. At its core, the message is a call to celebrate individuality, and the power we have as a community to make better decisions for the future of our planet.


Erin Sarofsky
Duarte Elvas

Executive Producer
Steven Anderson

Kelsey Hynes

Lead Artists
Jake Allen
Matt Miltonberger
Josh Smiertka
Tanner Wickware

Motion Designers
Dan Moore
Ally Munro
Griffin Thompson
Andrew Hyden
Tobi Mattner
Nik Braatz

“In the Year 2525” Written by
Richard Evans

Performed by
Jon Notar

Jean Rohe

Music Supervision + Final Mix + Sound Design
Groove Guild

Additional Contributors are
Jamie Gray, Andrew Rosenstein, Mark Galazka and Kenny Albanese.,