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Project Description

The creative team behind Far Cry 6 wanted to introduce the game in a way reminiscent of television main titles. The world they’ve created is rich with history, culture, and imagery – it’s a land of cyclical violence and bloody revolutions.
We wanted to evoke this through a title sequence that melded the time of conquistadors with the uprisings of the 20th century, where meticulously maintained hot rods burn rubber in the streets while the rum flows – where an aspiration to values like universal healthcare and the power of science is corrupted by totalitarian oppression and deep hunger for power at all costs.
This fascinating world of circular history translated into a poetic string of symbols centered around the icon of a circle.


Ubisoft Far Cry 6 Cinematic Title Sequence
Client: Ubisoft
Produced by: Antibody
Directed by: Patrick Clair & Raoul Marks
Animation/compositing: Thomas McMahon, Savva Tsekmes
Visual research: Charlie Dahan
Storyboards: Lance Slaton
Managing Partner: Bridget Walsh
Executive Producer: Carol Salek
Music: Pedro Bromfman