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A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show

Project Description

Freeform officially launched Family Guy Fridays in Jan ’20 and asked us to give the weekly stunt a boost by creating a series of marketing promos as well as a broadcast toolkit.
We needed to re-imagine FG’s iconic characters in a way that was fresh, and unique, but relatable to an existing fan base. We had to strike a balance between upholding FG’s identity, and abstracting the characters to create a new visual narrative that would work within the FF brand.
After presenting 4 distinct approaches, FF decided to include all 4 in their rollout of FGF. For each promo, we created custom looks in Adobe Illustrator for the characters, representative of their personalities. Using VO samples and physics-bending animation in Adobe AE, we were able to create an immersive experience. To round out the edits, we used existing footage from the show, creating a comprehensive storyline for each concept.


Client: Freeform
Tricia Melton, (former SVP, Marketing, Creative & Branding)
Casey Brickner, VP, Creative, Branding & Design
Kesime Bernard, Executive Creative Director, Marketing & Creative
Alison Braman, Director, On-Air Branding & Design
Jasmine Karamzadeh, Producer, On-Air Branding & Design

Design Studio: Creative Mammals
Executive Creative Director: Robert Burroughs
Executive Producer: Brandy Drew
Designers: Ivan Miguel, Patrick Coleman, Jeff Gess
Animators: Jonathan Hunt, Bridget Herbert, Jeff Gess, Grant Harwell
Editors: Jeff Gess, Michael Kameron
Sound Design: Soundbyte