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Category Description

A system of motion graphic elements intended to brand an entire television or streaming channel

Project Description

Our friends at ESPN came to us to redesign their on-air package for College Football but in the form of a 2-minute film, which was an amazing opportunity to create a dual-purpose film. We crafted this film in CG using C4D as our main software, the idea was based around a story that demonstrated a series of rigorous testing scenarios in an underground ESPN assembly line, once through the testing, we ascended above ground to see our players take to the field in an explosive game. We used abstract textural details for certain moments along with high adrenaline-fueled paced edit to really help reflect the dynamic nature of the sport. Every scene was built for the overall film, but with a view to being used as a separate broadcast tool kit, so the scenes live on air as short transitions, bumpers, and many other elements.


Client: ESPN
Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Paul Mitchell
Designer(s): Gordon Waltho, Jose Checa, Mike Lo, Gabriel Perez, Ann Kreutzkamp, Jason Forest Hogg, Erika Bird, Ugo Nonis, Clarissa Donlevy, Olga Midlenko,
Head of 3D: Kirk Shintani
CG Supervisor: Caleb Ollivant
3D Artists: Lee Buckley, Ilya Tselyutin, Gabriel Perez, Ranato Marques, Bryan Cox, Jose Limon, Jose Paniagua, Jade Smrz, Michael Cardenas, Sara Wolfe, Derek Friesenborg, Weiyo Sha, Cameron Walser, Thomas Briggs,
Editor: Jessica Ledoux
Producer: Jazeel Gayle
Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Color Studio: Primary
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Color Assistant: Corey Martinez
Color Producer: Jenny Bright
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson

Music Company: Indestructible
Music Supervisor: Anny Colvin