CNN Life After
Category Description

Any short form self contained piece with a narrative emphasis

Project Description

CNN’s “Life After” digital video series looks at what life is like after a personal tragedy or change, from losing a spouse to declaring bankruptcy.


Supervising Producer: Jacque Smith
Series Concept: Shane Csontos-Popko
Executive Creative Director: Jon Reyes
Creative Director: Padraic Driscoll

Pulse Nightclub shooting
Lead Producer: Madeleine Stix
Art Direction: Ignacio Osorio, Padraic Driscoll, Curtis Brown
Design and Animation: Curtis Brown and Justin Weiss
Sound Design: Carla Howe
Additional Animation: Melody Shih, Max Pepper, Michael Pisano, Jeffrey Hsu, Quinn Qian, Olga Pavlova, Ian Berry, Alex Sears, Agne Jurkenaite, Ana Perez

Hurricane Harvey
Producers: Emanuella Grinberg, Madeleine Stix
Art Direction: Michael Pisano, Padraic Driscoll
Animation: Kelly Flynn, Jessi Esparza, Melody Shih
Additional Animation: Shane Csontos-Popko, Ignacio Osorio
SFX producer: Madeleine Stix

Financial crisis
Producer: Abby Brooks, Madeleine Stix
Art Direction: Curtis Brown, Padraic Driscoll
Design and Animation: Jeffrey Hsu, Melody Shih
Additional Animation: Kelly Flynn, Ian Berry, Max Pepper, Rachel Kim, Quinn Qian
SFX: Anne Lagamayo, Madeleine Stix

Coming out
Producers: Tiara Chiaramonte, Madeleine Stix, Curtis Brown
Art Direction: Ignacio Osorio
Design and Animation: Agne Jurkenaite, Ignacio Osorio, Melody Shih
Storyboarding: Ignacio Osorio, Michael Pisano
Additional Animation: Kelly Flynn, Jessi Esparza
SFX: Carla Howen

Leaving homeland
Producer: Madeleine Stix
Art Direction: Ignacio Osorio, Padraic Driscoll
Design and Animation: Ignacio Osorio, Padraic Driscoll
Additional Animation: Kelly Flynn, Melody Shih, Shane Csontos-Popko
SFX: Madeleine Stix